How I Got Rid of Bed Bugs – My Crazy Success Story

As far as personal catastrophes go, a bedbug infestation sounds fairly minor. Until, that is, it happens to you. Then you find out it’s a flipping nightmare. I am taking time to write this to enlighten folks who might be experiencing a bed bug infestation like I did. I didn’t set out to do it this way but I’m happy to share my story so you can learn from my mistakes.   I Never Expected Bed Bugs to Happen to Me I struggled with was trying to figure out how this could happen to me. I always lived in a...

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[Fact] There is a 67% Chance your Child Will Never Reach Proficient Reading Levels if you make this One Costly Mistake

…and this is how you can  prevent it from happening.   There’s one GIANT mistake that parents with the best intentions make year after year. A mistake that causes a lifetime of damage to their child’s development and academic career. No, I’m not talking about too much junk food or video games. I’m talking about WHEN and HOW you teach your kids to read, and I’m about to share a bit about how Reading Head Start became my favorite educational tool EVER. America’s literacy crisis has reached epidemic proportions, with millions of children affected each and every year by a never-ending cycle...

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Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Thyme, Cilantro and More

Dating as far back as 13,000 B.C., cooking with fresh herbs have a long and varied history. Leaders were crowned with Dill in Greece and Rome; they also had a great impact with medicine and healing during that time.   Today herbal medicines such as thyme continue to be a major part of homeopathic care. Some of the best ways to cook with fresh herbs include, salmon with dill, eggs with chives, pasta sauce with basil, lamb with mint and the list goes on. Even with alcoholic beverages, herbs are very popular; mojitos, mint julep, honeydew-basil spritzer just to name...

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5 Reasons Tulips are Wonderful for your Garden

A Canadian Perspective on Tulips by Catherine Collins When I moved into my home 12 years ago in the month of December, I was excited for the snow to clear to discover what was growing in my new garden.  One early April morning, I gazed out across the yard and into my flowerbed, nestled against my common suburbia white picket fence. A few small mounds of snow sparkled from the sunlight. Something was different though, the melted snow had exposed the very beginnings of green stems. Tulips, I know them well, and I clapped excitedly at the first signs of...

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How to Display a Quilt like a Work of Art

Double wedding ring, Irish chain, shimmering star, friendship log cabin, drunkards path; these words don’t sound like they have anything in common but they certainly do. These are just a handful of quilt patterns. These patterns are beautiful so people are always searching for new ideas about how to display a quilt in their home. Finding quilt display ideas is important because these intriguing stuffed sacks can carry such amazing tales. With quilts, folks create family trees, historical family information about life or military service or just a gift for a wedding a 100 years ago. It was and...

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