As far as personal catastrophes go, a bedbug infestation sounds fairly minor. Until, that is, it happens to you. Then you find out it’s a flipping nightmare.

I am taking time to write this to enlighten folks who might be experiencing a bed bug infestation like I did. I didn’t set out to do it this way but I’m happy to share my story so you can learn from my mistakes.


I Never Expected Bed Bugs to Happen to Me

I struggled with was trying to figure out how this could happen to me. I always lived in a very clean home.

I would quickly come to learn that bedbug infestations have nothing to do with how clean you are. Everything from the flagship Nike Store to the NYC Department of Health has had an outbreak. Heck, they don’t only live in beds: They can infest everything from movie theater seats to your freaking alarm clock!

My husband and I are still not sure how the bed bugs found our bedroom in the first place. It could have been the new couch we bought that September. Or the cats who had adopted us and started living under our front porch. Or it could have been the little friend from school who stayed over in October.

I just happened to notice a very unfamiliar bug crawling across my white bed sheets one night. After confirming that it was a bed bug, I went into full panic mode.


My First Bed Bug Mistakes

The first step I took was to call a pest control company without doing any research. I just wanted to get rid of the bed bugs as soon as possible. It was a popular company with a good reputation. After a terrible 3 week experience with them, I still had bed bugs and I was out $3,300 dollars.

Yes, I was very angry and eventually took them to court. That is a story for another day.

I had already Googled home remedies, but the information was vague and very different from website to website. No one could give me clear step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of them.

My last mistake was going to Home Depot and buying every product that mentioned bed bugs on the label. This was another bad decision as I learned I was just driving them deeper into the crevices of my home.

At this point, I’ve realized that there is much more to getting rid of bed bugs than your ordinary household insects.


Time to Calm Down and Try Again

I had to take a deep breath and start over. It was a terrifying few weeks for us. We got into bed every night wrapped up like Tibetan Sherpa’s. But we’d still wake up every few hours with bed bugs crawling on us.

I didn’t begin to see any real positive results until after I went online and joined a forum where I could talk to other bed bug victims and survivors.  Many members of that community strongly recommended that I use a specific manual that teaches you how to get rid of bed bugs yourself. Apparently, many members were having success using it.

It was called The “Bed Bug Destroyer Manual” (official website). The name worked for me because I was PAST the point of wanting to get rid of them. I wanted to DESTROY every last one of them.

The manual is an eBook written by a fellow bed bug survivor turned bed bug expert. In addition to giving great advice (that actually worked), The author also did a great job of connecting with me and giving me the feeling that he really understood what I was going through.


Results Felt Good!

With the guidance from the manual, I quickly began to see positive results. We noticed a big difference by the 2nd night. The step-by-step instructions made things really easy, which was very comforting after weeks of confusion and uncertainty. A day or two later, we couldn’t find a single live bed bug.

Why couldn’t it have been this easy from the start? Why couldn’t my exterminator and all of the useless products from Home Depot give me the information I really needed to get rid of them?

It is frustrating to think about how badly I was misled – over and over again.


Why Was the Manual So Effective Against Bed Bugs?

Most of the solution was in the method that the manual teaches. Things need to be done in a certain way and certain order. Containment of the infestation was very important – and I still wonder why that concept had never been introduced to me after dealing with a professional exterminator and reading 100 “expert” bed bug articles.

The other critical part was using the correct products. For instance, there is an engineered silica substance that performs better in all lab tests against bed bugs than every other popular chemical and insecticide used today. It’s completely safe, simple to use and costs less than almost every other bed bug product available.

Why is my exterminator spraying my home with ineffective harsh chemicals? Why is home depot stocked with Bed Bug Bombs when scientific research shows they don’t work at all?

It is very frustrating to be misled in the name of corporate profitability.

The Manual showed me exactly what to use, when to use it, and how to use it. I was able to get rid of bed bugs quickly and keep my family (and pets) safe in the process.


Don’t Let Bed Bugs Control Your Life

They say having bed bugs changes a person forever. I guess one could say that about me, given that I think about them fairly often—even a new house and nearly 1 year after it all started. But I don’t let my fear control my life anymore. Make sure you talk about what you are going through with someone you trust and seek additional support if you need it.


Time is of the Essence, but…

You need to act fast but you also need to be sure that you are taking the correct steps. You can’t afford to get it wrong as many times as I did.

Perhaps hiring a pest control professional would have worked out if I put together a list of screening questions, read reviews and asked for a written guarantee. But after my experience, I just don’t trust them anymore.

If I were ever unlucky enough to get bed bugs a second time, I wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of them myself.

If that is what you decide, just make sure you have the proper guidance. The eBook only cost me $20 bucks, and if I had found it sooner, my bank account would have $3,300 more dollars in it.

Official website: Bed Bug Destroyer Manual

I wish you the best of luck in life and with your fight against bed bugs. I hope my experience helps you find your way. I’d love to hear about your fight with bed bugs. Please feel free to share it in the comment section below!