Dining room chairs are essential to creating a wonderful atmosphere for your dining room setting. Whether they are modern, retro or antique choosing the right design makes a world of difference to your dining room. Since selecting the right pieces can be a daunting and an expensive process, we have some tips on how to help you choose the best dining room chairs for your home.

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Best dining room chairs

Which are the best dining room chairs for me?

  1. Who, How Often and for What Purpose do You Use Your Chairs?

Let’s face it, kids can be tough on furniture. They are fountains of spills, overly creative with crayons and love pulling at loose threads. Or maybe you have pets that like to scratch, climb or gnaw at your furniture. These will definitely impact the type of wood and fabric you purchase. You should give thought to dining room chairs that protect from stains or even chair covers that you can slip on or off easily.

You should also consider how often you use your dining area. Is it just on weekends, special occasions or do you sit every night at the table? Do you perform work at the same table? General wear and tear is an important consideration to make when picking the best dining room chairs for your family.


  1. Pricing

Generally speaking, it will be most cost effective when you purchase a dining room set with the chairs included.  This doesn’t mean there aren’t options. Often there were many fabric choices to choose from and a few stain colors available for the wood.  Buying individual chairs can be very pricey, but if you are watchful of the best deals at your local furniture stores, you can save quite a bit.

Keep in mind, quality does not necessarily mean costly. Sometimes the more expensive pieces are not necessarily built to last.


  1. Consider Other Sources for Purchase

Don’t forget Craigslist or other advertisers that may have more unusual pieces and you may get a bargaining opportunity. Some of the best dining room chairs I have seen were acquired used. Estate sales and auctions are other wonderful venues to get some unique chairs with great character and sometimes get them at amazing prices.


  1. Comfortable Fit

Although I love the look of my dining table and chairs, I do wish I had put more thought into the comfort factor when making my purchase. My legs are pretty short and now that I find myself working at the dining room table a great deal of the time, I don’t find them very comfortable after a while. It is kind of embarrassing having a footstool at the base of my chair.

Really take the time to sit in the dining room chairs. Imagine yourself there for 2 or 3 hours over a dinner and ask yourself how comfortable will you be? Are there any areas of the chair that may feel rough or too firm against your body? If you are female, consider if you are in a short skirt or a guy in shorts, how will the fabric feel against your skin after a period of time?


  1. Long or Short Term Investment

If you are a person who changes the furniture out more frequently than most, then having a pattern or a theme to your chair style seems like a sound idea. For most people, we look for pieces that will last many years and that we won’t tire of too soon.  It might be best to consider more neutral colors that will coordinate in your room. Think about wall colors, curtains, flooring and so forth. Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson for a swatch. It is a great way to get an idea of how your chairs will blend in with the rest of your home.

Leather, tapestry, woven wools are fabrics that are best for durability when it comes to dining room chairs. Keep in mind, the higher the thread count the more durable your fabric will be.  For long lasting woods, oak and teak are both good choices for durability.  Don’t be afraid of chairs with aluminum, stainless, or iron bases. These are additional choices for long lasting pieces.


From my experience, these are the most important things to keep in mind when selecting the best dining room chairs for your home. Most importantly, go create some lasting memories at the table with your loved ones!