Double wedding ring, Irish chain, shimmering star, friendship log cabin, drunkards path; these words don’t sound like they have anything in common but they certainly do. These are just a handful of quilt patterns. These patterns are beautiful so people are always searching for new ideas about how to display a quilt in their home.

Finding quilt display ideas is important because these intriguing stuffed sacks can carry such amazing tales. With quilts, folks create family trees, historical family information about life or military service or just a gift for a wedding a 100 years ago. It was and continues to be a great way to pass on history or just an exquisite pattern to be shared from generation to generation. It would be a shame not to display these quilts like works of art.

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How to Display a Quilt

You can track back through history to find signs of quilting as early as the 12th century in Europe.  In the United States it was a popular activity for women in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The word quilt comes from the Latin term “culcita” and when translated means “a stuffed sack”.

My quilt is that of my grandmother.  We love using different quilt display ideas throughout our home. When her children were young, she made many pieces of clothing for the family by hand. Of course, never a scrap of material was wasted.  All those small pieces were eventually to become the quilt I now own.  We look at it and can recognize “that was a piece from grandma’s skirt” or “there are my uncle’s school trousers”.  It is a priceless piece of family history to me that I display proudly in our family room

Yet, it is not just about the history. It is also a beautiful piece of art for your home.  It doesn’t have to be a family heirloom. There are many beautiful decorative quilts to be purchased, handmade and manufactured. Let’s discuss some ideas about how to display your quilt so that you and others might enjoy them.

How to Display Your Favorite Quilt

Quilt Racks
Quilt racks are used to display 2 or 3 quilts, in large folds.  Generally they are kept in the bedroom as a place to store them while not in use. It allows you add that element of warmth to your bedroom and perhaps some amazing colors.

How to Display your Quilt on the Wall like a Work of Art
Nothing says pride in a piece like displaying a quilt on the wall. There are a couple of methods that work best; using a curtain rod and depending on the size and weight of your piece, select a rod that can support the weight. Speak with your local hardware store staff to find the best option. Newer options such as magnetics are also available. They will support even your largest of king quilts so that the focus is purely on your quilt.

Draping your Quilt
This is the most common way to display a quilt but I still love to drape them over a chair or sofa. It gives a warm welcome into a room. Mine is hung over the back of my sofa and when children in the family visit my home, they love to cuddle up under the quilt. I love to share the stories of where all the pieces have come from.

For the Quilt Collector
A rectangular curio style cabinet is a wonderful way to display your entire collection. Folded neatly and stacked, they create a very unique and eye-catching presentation.

Do you have any ideas you would like to see added to this page about how to display quilts? Tell me about it in the comment section below.