Being unfaithful is always one of the top reasons marriages fail. When the term “unfaithful” is mentioned, most people think about sexual infidelity. However, statistics show that more than 50% of divorces are actually related to financial infidelity.

Affairs do destroy marriages but they are usually the result of deeper issues. According to recent studies, bad money habits appears to be the leading issue affecting marriages in the United States. We live in a society where debts have become a regular part of our lives. It’s not actually money habits that cause the issues. The divorces are a result of the lying and deceit that comes along with it.

Though financial infidelity is one of the top reasons marriages fail on all levels, young couples are at a greater risk. It can start out as simple as not disclosing spending to avoid confrontations. Some men are too stubborn to recognize a problem. Others are too proud to admit one. Most think they have everything under control. Though men and women can be assigned equal blame for reasons marriages fail, it is us women that seem to be more at fault when it comes to financial infidelity. With marriages failing at record rates, we need to make changes.

Financial infidelity is like a drug addiction. Once it starts, it becomes difficult to stop. As things get worse, the financial burden eventually becomes too large to hide. It is only a matter of time before the cat is out of the bag. This discovery will lead to anger, bitterness and a feeling of betrayal. These feelings can quickly put a marriage on the path to divorce.

Top Reasons Marriages Fail

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Reasons Marriages Fail: How to Avoid Financial Infidelty

I’ve seen many young marriages fail inside and outside of the military community courtesy the secrets involved in hiding debts. To avoid this becoming the downfall of your marriage, here are some important of things that every couple should work on:


When money is involved, accountability is crucial. Both parties need to be involved in and accountable for financial decision making. When one person has control over the money, it can become easy to go a little bit too far into debts due to making fast and uninformed decisions. Talking through financial choices will work positively towards ensuring that whatever decisions are made, they are for the good of the marriage and the future of the family.


Even in cases where the young couple decides that only one person will handle the finances, it is important that they have a budget. There is a popular saying that goes something like: “failure to plan is planning to fail.” Failure to plan can be one of the biggest reasons marriages fail. Following a budget will prevent the unnecessary expenses that eventually lead to debt and financial infidelity.


Honesty is the most important element in a successful marriage and it applies to everything. Couples should put all their financial choices in the open to create an opportunity to solve problems before they get bigger. Failure to be honest in any relationship will lead to a loss of trust, which is also a top reason why marriages fail.

A Final Word about Financial Infidelity and Failing Marriages

Financial infidelity can drive a young marriage into the ground and turn people who were once deeply in love with each other into worst enemies. Making financial mistakes is not a reason marriages fail but keeping those mistakes a secret will surely lead to it’s downfall.

Always talk to your partner about each of your income, debt and financial decisions. Make a choice together about seeking a financial adviser. If there is a severe spending problem in the form of a shopping or gambling addiction there are other great resources available to you.

A relationship can survive many things but infidelity is usually not one of them. If you don’t want this to be a reason your marriage fails, face your problems with open communication and honesty. You’ll be surprised when you find out you can actually use this adversity to strengthen your relationship rather than destroying it.