Somewhere in my attic is a box full of books about successful marriage tips. It’s probably tucked away between old Halloween costumes and my husband’s childhood collection of baseball cards. Most of the books are a tad bit generalized and cliche. I know I should never go to bed angry, but sometimes I am just too damn angry to follow that rule.

With that said, I did learn a lot of important principals from those books as my wedding approached, frantically reading every happy marriage tip I could get my hands. They were very helpful but they didn’t contain all the answers I needed. The best source of advice is and always has been a sit down with Mom or Nanna.

successful marriage tips

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Successful Marriage Tips: What Does a Happy Relationship Required?

It takes more than dreams of love and romance to create a successful marriage. All couples set out to live happily ever after, but it isn’t always easy to maintain those feelings of love and affection through the struggles of everyday life. We are all aware of the statistics. Despite dreams of having our marriage last forever, half will end in divorce. Situations are no different for civilian or military relationships. Each married couple will face their own unique hardships that will put their commitment to the test.

Rather than aimlessly wandering your way through these joys and sorrows, you need to begin building a strong foundation for your relationship. Among other things, a happy marriage will require commitment, respect, communication, empathy, love and affection. Below is my messy collection of the most successful marriage tips gathered over the years from family, friends, personal experience and a big box of books collecting dust in my attic. Enjoy!